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My knowledge of modern web development includes HTML, CSS, SCSS, ES6 JavaScript, the Vue, React and Redux front-end libraries as well as Node.js and Express on the back end. Most recently I've added unit and end-to-end testing to my skillset with the Chai assertion library and Cypress.

My first career was as an editor and proofreader of English, so my love of codes and syntax runs deep, and I bring the same eye for detail and respect for deadlines I developed in the publishing sphere to the world of coding.


Front-End Web Developer

(Feb 2020–present)

  • modify interfaces and create animations to match design-review requirements
  • research accessibility requirements for our design-system components and recommend changes
  • apply accessibility modifications to design-system components
  • write bug fixes for our content management system

Front-End Web Development Intern

(Nov 2019–Feb 2020)

  • modified interfaces and created animations matching design-review requirements
  • wrote unit and end-to-end tests, using Chai and Cypress, to ensure components and web apps behave as expected
  • built a design-system component matching design specifications with SCSS, ES6 JavaScript, and Vue

Concordia Bootcamps

Career Coach

(Dec 2019–present)

  • acquaint newly minted web devlopers with with the tech community in Montreal and beyond
  • review job seekers' job applications
  • conduct mock job interviews to help new grads prepare for tech industry interviews
  • provide ongoing practical and moral support as job seekers navigate the job market

Workshop Volunteer

(Oct 2019)

  • assisted new coders as they learned HTML and CSS

Canada Learning Code

Volunteer Mentor

(Mar 2020)

  • assisted new coders as they learned HTML and CSS at a Ladies Learning Code workshop

Learn more about Heather's work history on her LinkedIn profile .


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Diploma, Front-End Web Development

Concordia University

  • HTML, CSS and responsive website design
  • Debugging, Testing & JavaScript Fundamentals
  • Object Oriented Programming
  • React and Redux
  • Node.js and Express Framework

Web Development Courses

  • Web Accessibility by Google (Udacity)
  • Intro to UX Design (Canada Learning Code)
  • Learn Vue 2 (Laracasts)
  • ES6 for Everyone (Wes Bos)
  • MongoDB Basics (MondoDB)

Ongoing French-Language Studies

Certificate in Publishing

MA, English Language & Literature

BA, Honours English

You can find out more about Heather's education at her LinkedIn profile .

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